2D Character Animation

This is very popular style of video and also the most creative. Character Animation video is a compelling way to quickly and memorably convey complicated information.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphic videos is a really fun style to work with. These videos uses the type of visuals you often see in info-graphics and presenting data in a digestible way making motion graphics an extremely popular choice.

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard is our most popular video style. They’re clean and professional. These videos portray a hand drawing images in black or colored marker on a white background. Whiteboard videos are a captivating strategy for relaying intricate ideas in an intuitive way.

Corporate/ Product Films

We have created films for top corporate houses helping them showcase their work, values, culture, and credibility to their stakeholders and to the world. Being passionate in the art of film making and our understanding of corporate communication makes our films highly impact.

Ad Films

This style of video making are the most challenging one and have the maximum impact across larger audiences.

Kick Starter

We strive for a concise and seamless video that will leave its viewers emotionally invested and ready to support your project.