Character Animations

This is very popular style of creating an explainer video and also the most creative. Character Animation video is a compelling way to quickly and memorably convey complicated information.


GMR- Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Income Tax Department Character Animation

CtrlS - Explainer Film

YRZ Consumer(Restaurant Theme)

Wyzbee Explainer Video

Mapprr - Product Tour

Hirecloud pro

Videos have emerged as the most effective media content for marketing or interpreting a message, regardless of the industry. As per the Top Explainers report 81% of businesses are showcasing videos on their website. A Hubspot study stated that in 2016, 60% marketers used video content in social media strategy. Because of the effectiveness and astounding results, 65% of those not using the explainer videos, are planning to incorporate them in marketing strategies.

As the time passes, the content strategy keeps on evolving and at the moment, animated explainer videos are being loved the most. Animation is another form of art that has developed alongside the growth of films.

Explainer videos are normally short animated clips that explain how the company‘s product or services work. They take complex ideas and transform them into easy to understand stories that everyone can understand.

As it is really a fun to watch such animated explainer videos, there is a higher engagement which encourages the viewers to watch it till end, grasping all the information projected. Moreover, creating a product explainer video is also fairly affordable for all.

Why Explainer Videos:

Animated videos offer a great world of endless opportunities as it is completely in the hands of developer to create any kind of effect, and show difficult, complex situations with utmost ease. Delivering the business ideas in a fast, easy and catchy way is the biggest plus-point and answer to, “Why explainer videos?”

Such online explainer videos hold great significance for your business as they:

Create an emotional connection:

The message being interpreted if found to be resonating with the situation being faced by clients, creates a great level of sentimental connection. The characters being portrayed in the corporate explainer video as the client of business or the targeted audience, entangled with some unpleasant situation. The story proceeds how your brand and its service come as a rescue and saved the person. Initially when clients start to conceive that character as them, then the service or product explainer video, makes them subconsciously get the message of your brand

This emotional connection works wonders for the business.

Concept of problems and solutions:

Feeling good with the corporate explainer video, viewers also start to love your brand as it offered the efficient solution to the problems.

Shorter attention span:

In today’s digital world, clients are flooded with several type of content all around. The different marketing contents are cascading to clients in form of avalanches. Therefore, no one has time to read the lengthy texts or even watch the boring videos with similar themes. This situation demands you to create something unique and make explainer videos that are especially engaging to grab the attention.

Nostalgic Feel:

In childhood time, all were die-hard fan of cartoon and all will have some great moments down the memory lanes with them. Make explainer videos and tap this high potential resource to create a better brand engagement.

Perfectly Personalized Content:

Animated videos offer greater possibilities to experiment with the characters and backgrounds. The scenery of online explainer videos can be completely made to suit the needs. This helps in creating a greater impact and emotional connectedness.

A satirical and sarcastic touch of humor:

Best Explainer videos help you create the characters and situations that can ludicrously allude to some serious problem or situation that could not have been done with real videos. Such possibilities prove to be a game changer and deliver the jaw-dropping results.

Children Love such videos:

Explainer videos for education are great in demand as children love cartoon and are easier to make then understand anything or any concept regarding wrong and right with the help of such videos. If children watch anything on such specially developed explainer videos for education purpose, then they will get it and follow immediately.

The Yansmedia Report revealed that 80% of customers started deciding on purchase from watching YouTube Videos, and 64% agreed for same with video on social media account. The Online Marketing Guru study stated that 43% brought something they saw in YouTube ads despite the fact that 81% muted the video.

All these studies prove that nothing can be better than an engaging video for brand marketing. But the question arises, “Are animated videos the right style for your business?”

If you are finding yourself struggling with such confusion, then have a look at the following check list:

1. Can you afford to make your video too short, around one minute?

2. Can you advertise your services with a personal touch?

3. Can you give a humorous touch to your advertising campaign?

If these tests get qualified with yes, then go for an animated version of your advertising videos.

When you have made your mind to create animated videos then keep the following points in mind for a greater effectiveness:

1. Quality with focus on fine details:

If you or your marketing team is not confident with the video, then take help form a professional explainer videos company. This will create a huge difference, as they are the masters of subtle fineness and can work better on the precise details to create a greater impact.

2. Optimized Video Length:

Always make sure that your video is 60-90 seconds in length as this is the standard duration to keep prospects engaged with the best explainer videos.

3. Brand patters:

Make sure to maintain the brand consistency with the colors and graphics portrayed within the video. The psychology of colors is really pivotal and helps in better retention of brand. Make sure to interpret this thing to your explainer videos company, developing the videos.

4. Influential voice over:

The native of the language will use the right accent and that will give a personality to your video. This helps in developing better trust with the brand.

5. A humorous touch:

Avoiding useless controversies at all costs, if the video is able to make people laugh or give a satirical viewpoint with the message then it will of great impact on the mind of prospects.

Winding Up:

The best part about an animated explainer video is that it can be deployed in marketing campaigns at all levels of sales funnel. As per eMarketer Report companies are planning to invest nearly 16 million dollars in mobile video ads and by the end of 2021 the figure will enhance by 22 million dollar.

Animated explainer videos are one of the most engaging media of advertisement and several studies state its preponderance over other campaign styles. Not just the studies and pattern researches, the businesses are reaping incredible benefits and gradually increasing their investments in the field of animated explainer videos.

It’s never too late to do anything or at least giving it a try; but if you are not implementing animated explainer videos, then you are really missing something of great importance, and are eventually destined to lag behind.