Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard is our most popular video style. They’re clean and professional. These videos portray a hand drawing images in black or coloured marker on a white background. Whiteboard videos are a captivating strategy for relaying intricate ideas in an intuitive way.


DCM M2-Chapter 4

The IoT Suitcase

Ctrls White Board Animation

VFS Global - Explainer Video

Whiteboard videos:

Whiteboard animation is a technique where the entire content is physically drawn on the whiteboard and recorded to create a narrative animation video. A good whiteboard video will have the ability to attract the audience of all age groups. The images drawn should be clear with proper emphasis on the content. A strong whiteboard video is accompanied by a good narrative script for a clear understanding. The drawings are usually done on a whiteboard using black and other color marker pens. The best whiteboard animation videos have the ability to attract users and view the content without skipping them. They create an interest among the viewers which is a good option for branding and promotions.

These whiteboard videos are widely used to explain the uses of the products in an intuitive way. They are used for branding, creating educational videos, and for creating an attention among the audience. At, ‘The Chitrakars’ we offer you with a wide range of whiteboard videos that are clear with vivid descriptions for international audience.

Why white boards videos?

The best whiteboard videos have the ability to attract users despite their level of understanding. The grasping of the concept will be much quicker and the viewers will also feel more engaged when compared to normal ads.

  • They allow diversity. The whiteboard marketing videos can attract viewers through the images and after-effects. Despite their language, region, and country they create a universal understanding of the product among the people.
  • They are attractive. People view social media for entertainment purposes. The best whiteboard animation videos can pique the interest of the viewer and allow them to engage with interest.
  • They are cost-effective. When compared to normal videos, the whiteboard video services are more cost-effective and engaging. A Good whiteboard video online can improve your market range and create branding identity.

Why ‘The Chitrakar’ is the best?                                       

‘The Chitrakars’ is one of the best whiteboard video providers in the country that offers clear whiteboard content with simple images. Our whiteboard animation online videos focus on content and animation. We have a unique team for offering the best whiteboard video services with advanced technology. Our team includes a creative artist, an Effects expert, a content creator for creating a perfect video that shows the brand in a new limelight. The videos are short and up to the point to attract viewers on social media and in the market.  Our focus is placed upon the quality and reachability of the product.